Camp Kitadin is located in Wildlife Management  
    area 3 B in the Endless Mountains of Bradford
    County Pennsylvania.

    With the new 3 point antler restriction rule per
    side the deer herd is developing  into the finest in
    the country.
    Two keys to our success is the area and the
    excellent management of 369 acres of State
    Game Lands.
    Due to limited space in our cozy 4 person rough
    camp we recommend reservations be made one
    year in advance.

"Great Mountain"
    Skinning and processing of
    game available at an added

    Licenses, permits, and
    transportation is the
    responsibility of the client.

    With the emphasis on scent we
    have available a 12 x 12
    Deluxe Alaknak tent with a
    spacious vestibule attached to
    protect and store all your gear.
    With the comfort of a wood
    stove you stay warm and
    comfortable under extreme
    conditions while you prepare
    for the hunt.
For more information or to make a reservation please contact: Gerry Lemire at 508-450-8518 or email